How to not be boring when talking to girls?

Question by The Best In the World: How to not be boring when talking to girls?
I talk to girls but sometimes i wonder if im being too boring.
How can i not be boring? What type of things should i talk about with girls to
grab their attention on me? (no inappropriate comments or jokes please)

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Answer by Snoxalk
Don’t talk about yourself, dude. When you talk to girls, talk about them. They love to talk about themselves.

Compliment their nails, or what they’re wearing. Seem genuinely interested. And don’t over think things too much, be natural. Be yourself.

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3 thoughts on “How to not be boring when talking to girls?”

  1. Ask them about themselves. No joke. And this works on anyone, not just girls. People love to fixate on themselves, and if they find YOU with the fixation, they’ll automatically be drawn to you. Ask questions as if you’re really interested and girls will definitely come back for more. It’s a matter of allowing them to do most of the talking.

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