How to make a girl smile through texts?

Question by : How to make a girl smile through texts?
i like this one girl and i think she may like me a little (she looks over at my direction in class, blushes when we talk, etc). we are in 8th grade and i want to text her something that would make her smile and is a little “flirty” but doesnt come across as weird.

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Answer by Lily
get into like a smiley face war or something(you know whoever can type the most smiley faces or something) then she will be like “i won!” thats when you say “Alright! this time but i will win when i get to call you mine(:” A guy said it to me and it was the cutest thing i have ever heard in my life also just say sweet things!

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  1. The best way to get her attention is to text her something funny or witty. Try:

    “I was trying to kick my text addiction,
    but decided to relapse just for you”

    Texts like this work really well because they stand out from the crowd of hey’s and how are you, what’s up?

    Be different. Expect a different outcome.

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