How to look more muscular for her

OK guys the warm weather is coming and I know most of you are doing some crazy fat burning cutting type workout to get those six packs to show up. That is great and you should be doing them. I just wanted to drop a few tips that will help you look more muscular and defined without actually hitting the gym. Of course if you are like 50 pounds overweight this is not going to help at all. In fact you might look worse.


  • I know I know tanning will really bring out your definition. It does not take much either. Just get a few 15 minutes sessions at the tanning salon and make sure you use some type of bronzer tanning lotions. The bronzer will get you dark faster and keep you staying dark longer.

Shaving Your Hair – Manscaping

    • I know you have heard of manscapingso don’t act like you haven’t. By trimming your body you can really show those muscles you have been working so hard for. The trick is to find the shave you like most. If you shave with a razor blade it will be real smooth, but grow back prickly and you might even have some ingrown hairs, pimples etc… If you use a trimmer and cut it short, but not razor short you might be better off.
    • You have to experiment with it until you find the right trim for you

Sweat Suits & Prep H Cream

  • Always consult a Dr before doing anything. So you know those rubber suits? Well you can wear them and exercise and really sweat off the pounds and bring out the true definition of your muscles. This can also leave you dehydrated so be careful.
  • Prep H!! WHAT!! yeah so I have never tried it, but I heard if you put this around your abs it will actually tighten the skin to show your muscles more. Give it a try 😉

Watch this funny Manscaping Video

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