How to know if she likes me via text (female answers please)?

Question by John: How to know if she likes me via text (female answers please)?
I’ve been texting this girl for a few days. At times she seems really interested in me and wants to keep the conversation going. Other times her replies are far shorter and its hard to read her intentions. So what are good signs I can see if she likes me? What are some conversations/questions I can bring up to indirectly see if she likes me? (I’m 16 she’s 15 by the way)

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Answer by J Calneil
It may be that she’s bored when she texts you a lot, and when you catch her at a bad time she might text shorter.. but the point is, she IS texting you – if i’m uninterested, i usually wont reply at all or just really short answers. But, i think the best way to know how she is feeling is to talk to her on the phone! be bold and call her – texting is not the best way to read intentions.

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  1. a good thing to test in this situation is initiation. if you’re always the one to start a conversation, lay off for a day and see if she texts you first or says anything about it the next time you text her. if she does, that’s a good sign that she enjoys your texting.
    also, smiles are a flirty thing a girl will use to get a guys attention. if she uses a (: or 🙂 a lot, she may be interested too.
    also, there really is no right thing to do to see if she likes you. but one thing i find to be really sweet is when a guy will actually say goodnight to me if he wants to go to sleep, rather than just falling asleep and then appologizing for it in the morning. a smile and a “sweet dreams” never hurt anyone either.
    hope this helps! best of luck (:

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