How to Keep a text conversation going?

Question by James Crez: How to Keep a text conversation going?
I attempted to text a girl and it was awkward and the conversation died out after about 6 minutes, How can I be more interesting during texting ? How can I keep the conversation going ?

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Answer by jennifer
ask her to play the question game(I loveee that!) or truth or dare! ask her about herself and how her life is, girls love to be asked about that kind of stuff.

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  1. It might be a little weird but you just have to play 20 questions where you ask a question then she asks one Ex) favorite color, food, tv show, sport, book, when’s your birthday, middle name Stuff to get to know her to find your similarities

  2. say the usual: hey whats up….. wht u up 2……. sooo wht r ur plans this weekend.
    then keep it going with: remember when…… do u think so in so is mean/nice. what do you think of meee just some ideas

  3. You need to start the conversation with something interesting!!! If i see a picture of an inside joke with a guy ill send him the pic with a funny caption. Or I’ll just talk about something exciting or like a common interest. The key is to keep them texting long things. So ask her questions. Make her talk about herself. Sometimes I play the question game, where me and a guy take turns asking questions. Ive had many guys stay up super late on school nights just to text me (;

  4. Honestly just be yourself. What I mean by this is that just text her anything randomly about you or just ask her random stuff. Just be like “sooo what’s your favorite type of music?” and then from there you guys can keep texting about music. Be funny, girls like it when guys have sense of humor 🙂

  5. i would just ask her random questions like hows your day been?? or like hows your summer been?? you can ask her about herself and maybe you will find something in common. You can always play games like truth or dare. Sometimes if you just say something random and weird you can get a conversation going.

    p.s I hope this helps

  6. play the 20 questions thing

    or ask her questions like: do u believe in ghosts? if u could travel 3 places in the world where would they be? what are ur main values?

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