How to keep a conversation when talking to girls?

Question by Austin: How to keep a conversation when talking to girls?
Whats a good way to keep a conversation when talking to girls. By the way I’m only 15 so don’t give answers that will not apply to my age (:

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Answer by Derek Päolo
This is a little tricky because Im already twenty years old but I’d say just make a conversation regarding to school or maybe something about a movie and stuff, It should be easy.

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8 thoughts on “How to keep a conversation when talking to girls?”

  1. dont talk about sports or lasat night game. not unless she likes sports. think about what she likes . go to her profile page on myspace or facebook or somewhere and look . or the best thing u can do is be yourself and let the works come naturally

  2. if ur 15, u should stay with your parents and study!!Dont talk to girls.What do you want to talk to gils for???at your age a female too is not developed-no boobs, no butt, no nothing!!So dont waste your time.Wait till u become 25 then think of this

  3. well girls like to talk bout themselves so try to find out what she likes and laugh at every joke she says

  4. look at it this way,,, if shes confortable with you, yapping isnt going to mean a lot to her,, but if you have to force a conversation,, it aint gonna work

  5. well don’t talk about the things that you love. like find some things out about her,then talk to her about them.

  6. well i’m 16 and when i’m talking to a guy, i’d like him to say things that would make me laugh, and a little flattery goes a long way too. 😉
    talk about maybe some tv show, ask her about herself, music always starts interesting conversation too. 🙂 and complement her. 😛

  7. I agree with Desire, don’t talk about sports or last night game. not unless she likes sports, talk about the things she like,
    don’t dwell on that,
    you must also include yourself there and there,
    talk about school, movies or maybe whats happening around.

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