How to get over my fear of talking to beautiful girls?

Question by Chuck: How to get over my fear of talking to beautiful girls?
I do not have the confidence to talk to girls that are beautiful. I am good looking and I can come up with what to say in my head but then when it comes time to say something to them, I wimp out or find an excuse not to.


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Answer by TheAwesome
Just do it. Take 10 courageous seconds out of your life and do it

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2 thoughts on “How to get over my fear of talking to beautiful girls?”

  1. Honeeeeeey…that is soooo cute you cannot even begin to fathom.
    As a girl i know some who love it when guys get a bit nervous around them. With a couple of guys, I’ve found it really flattering. Not saying i’m beautiful or anything. just saying that it gets very flattering at times.
    I don’t know what to tell you…not explicitly at least. And i won’t give you the same ol’ song: “Be Yourself!” it’s frustrating to always hear that, knowing it never really solves anything.
    But let me tell you what happened with a guy that liked me. Unfortunately I didn’t reciprocate the sentiment but we became pretty good buddies and he has a gf now, so…
    he came to me and point blank told me, “I like you and sometimes talking to you makes me sweat. Am i sweating right now? (nervous laugh, then cleared his throat, and just smiled). I couldn’t help but find his candor very sweet. So whenever i saw him, i would go to him and start up a conversation. don’t misunderstand me, it wasn’t a self-esteem boost i was looking for, it was the fact that even though he was nervous and was teased by his friends about his lack of cojones, he still told me how he felt.
    (and he WAS sweating a bit, but i never told him that)
    It helps if there is a particular girl in mind. Not just ANY beautiful girl.
    Hope it helps somehow 😀

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