How to get over a girl you really liked?

Question by money mike: How to get over a girl you really liked?
I’ve been texting and girl and I asker her out and she couldn’t go and I posted the whole situation on here to see what people thought. Most people said that she doesn’t like me so now I’ve come to the fact that she doesn’t and I need help on how to get over her. I liked her so much, she’s beautiful, nice, and funny. Please give me the best advice on how to get over her or what to do.

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Answer by Li
just try to find someone else who has all of those characteristics

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  1. What I do is delete their contact information so that it is impossible for me to text, email or call them. When you do that, then you can get over it because you have eliminated all possibilities of talking to them again. In fact I just had to do this today. Before I did it, I felt down but after that I felt better knowing it is over for sure. That door is closed. You need to close the door in the same way.

  2. well you could, try talking to her again, and just try again… or just let time heal,it can take a month, 2 months sometimes, but you’ll meet someone great, i promise… i’ve had the same thing, and you can go from miserable one day to ecstatic the next just by living, and meeting someone
    try listening to some good music too, or talking to other people

  3. Dude, I am in the same position right now and it sucks(doesn’t it?). All I can say is try listening to some good music or fill your time with your favorite hobbies. But the best thing you can do is surround yourself with your friends and family; people who do love you and you’ll find yourself smiling and having fun even without having her in your life. I know it sucks and that you’ll occasionally have flashbacks to those memories with her, but it takes time and time always mends a broken heart. Take it from a guy that’s been here a thousand times, it gets easier and you only learn from these kinds of experiences. I wish you the best of luck and hope feel better.

  4. I think you should talk to her and ask her is she likes you. You should tell her how you feel. she can’t hate you for that. and if she doesn’t want to date you, then you should move on because dude theres plenty of chicks out there. don’t be disappointed because at the end you will find someone better. trust me, this situation happened to me before but in person.

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