How to Get a Girlfriend

Getting a Girlfriend

There are lots of resources available when it comes to the topic of getting a girlfriend.  But many of those resources aren’t on getting a girlfriend per se, but how to get them interested and in the bathroom stall for some hot sex with no strings attached. But that isn’t what you ultimately want, is it? That is mostly a male fantasy that they would like to enjoy but not live out every day. Some men would love to talk about having sex in a bathroom stall, but not when it comes to a person they are having an honest relationship with for the long term.

  • Would you really feel comfortable going home and introducing that girl to mom and dad? Hey, we met in the bathroom and the sex was incredible, so I want you to meet her.
  • Nope. Because you know you can’t turn a ho in to a housewife no matter how much you wish it were true. Instead, focus on getting the quality girls over the fast and easy ones when you want a real girlfriend who will matter to you in the long run.


  • You need to plant the seed in her head that you are the best candidate for the job of boyfriend. There are ways to make yourself attractive as a potential mate without the girl even realizing what you are doing. You will be working towards her friendship and gaining her in a relationship with a few smooth and practiced tips.


Skills Needed to Assist in Getting a Girlfriend


1.  Hone your boyfriend-type skills.


  • There are certain skills that every girl likes a man to have whether she will admit it or not. She wants to be taken care of to some extent, but not necessarily in a domineering, over protective, chauvinistic way. There are skills that show a man can be funny, sensitive, rugged and still be able to handle all of the needs on the home front. Having these skills will also show her that down the road, if it ever came to babies, that you would be there to stick it out and help with the baby and not bolt at the first opportunity. These skills are attractive when they are displayed in the right manner.
  • What do the boyfriend skills include? Ones that will show you can take care of something – whether it is an animal, a baby, an elderly grandparent or them. Taking care of them would include being able to dish out backrubs, being able to cook, do laundry take the kids to practice or be able to lighten the mood on a serious topic. Being able to do all of them gives you incredible value as a person and one that is hard to walk away from.  Another point is to have a sense of fashion in how you dress. You don’t have to be a style icon, but understand that stripes and plaids don’t go together even if they are the same color. A man that can’t handle even a couple of the above items wouldn’t make a mate that could protect and care for another, let alone a family.

2.  Be Decisive in What You Want.


  • The wrong thing to do is to wander around and not have a goal in life. The same thing is also true when it comes to a mate. You want to know certain features you have to have in a partner in order to be successful in a relationship. You want to be attractive but you they also need to appeal to you at a certain level before you even consider them for a relationship. Don’t become desperate and accept anything that comes your way. Make a list, check it twice and make sure those are qualities that would last you a lifetime.
  • And even though you think being lonely is a fate worse than death, being tied to a person that isn’t compatible or with the girlfriend skills could be much worse. You will want someone who is compatible, matches your fun personality and that you generally like to be around. Having a dull mate to fill a void is not going to work for you long term.


3.  Evaluate the First Meeting.

  • When you meet someone, there is a good chance you will know if you want to see them again or spend time with them in the future. You will want to gauge their reaction too, so send out texts or messages that discuss events that take place in the future to casually see what their reaction is.
  • Gauging the future is a way to get a sense for the activities they like, but how readily they are willing to invest their future with you. Do you have a lot of ideas for the future? Has she committed to a lot of ideas for the future? If you have her time spoken for, then work on getting the emotions behind it too. Talk about her, things she likes and continue building the interest so that you have things to talk about and look forward to when you do have those events scheduled.

4.  Make your Own Jokes.

  • How often do you and the buddies laugh about something that you see on TV, hear on the radio or have a trigger word for that makes you snicker? Probably a lot. Pick a joke that will work between the two of you for a relationship so that you always have something to laugh about when nothing else does. An inside situation, an emoticon or a joke will bring the two of you closer together each time you laugh about it. A pet name is also something that can make you laugh or else come closer together because only you two know the meaning behind it. It can take a relationship to the next level of intimacy because of the shared deeper meaning.
  • Having items to both laugh about will prevent the relationship from turning one-sided. Unreciprocated feelings are awful, but if you make sure to include things you can both talk about and feel, then it won’t head to the wrong direction and be one sided.


5. Plan Interesting and Awesome Dates.

  • If you had to choose between someone who was creative or uncreative, which route would you opt for? Creativity could be in the form of managing a problem, dealing with a crisis, handling finances or even coming up with campaigns at work. Being creative seems a lot more interesting than not, so use this and apply it to your dates as well. No one wants to go on a boring date, so plan something fun and adventurous. Women like to be fun just as much as men do. Do something they are comfortable with, that shows off your boyfriend skills and fun nature. If they had fun on the first date then the likelihood of them accepting a second is much higher. Ask her out and see how much she enjoyed the awesome date.

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