How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

There isn’t a point in having a girl’s phone number if she doesn’t text you back. You might have worked hard to get it and feel a sense of accomplishment, but that is short lived if you don’t take advantage of the situation right away. Take the plunge and text her while she remembers who you are and try to get a conversation started. When there is no conversation forthcoming, you have to decide if you are going to work hard and get her to interact or if you are just going to move on.

And of course there are a few tips to follow when you want to get the girl to texting you back and being successful in a relationship.

4 Steps to Get Her to Text You Back

  • When you are texting people back and discussing it even, you are discussing flaking. When you send a text to a girl you want to get response of some sort and get a conversation going so that you know if she is worthy of pursuing or not. But when she flakes, then she quits replying to you, acknowledging you are sending her messages and basically doesn’t reply in any fashion. That is flaking and you want to avoid it at all costs.
  • To prevent flaking from happening as much as possible, you need to start the communication right away after the initial meeting. You can still be cool about it, but start in right away before she forgets you or your number and starts up with another guy.  How do you keep flaking to a minimum? Following are some tips to help you stay successful with all of your contacts:

1. When you get her number the first time, have a really, really good interaction.

  • If you can make a really great impression at the initial contact, even before you get her phone number or give her yours, then the chance for flaking is much less. You will have left her with such a great impression she might even ask for your phone number in order to make sure she has a way to stay in contact with you.
  • Make the conversation fun and show her how much of an interesting person you are. This will set the stage so that she looks forward to your texts and what you can bring to the table to a relationship. Because even if she won’t admit it, she is looking at how well a relationship would work with you from the start.

2. Once you have her number and start texting — end with a question.

  • Always send her texts that encourage a response. For example, a statement won’t necessarily get you a reply back. If you get no reply, there isn’t a way to get the conversation started. Therefore when you send a text send out something that ends with a question so that she is sending you something back. This can keep on until you realize you have a great conversation going.

3. Keep the interaction light and flirty.

  • Even though you might be having a great conversation, keep it light. Be flirty in your responses and the questions you ask. When you can keep your texting light and fun then it will foster her responses and get you moving in a different emotional level for a relationship. And you can save the serious discussions for face to face meetings instead.


4. Don’t be too needy.

  • Skip the need! Don’t start out texting her telling her everything you need and want in the future, in a relationship and appear desperate. When you appear needy right from the start, she will imagine having to deal with a clingy person and that is the last thing a girl wants to have to think about at the start of a relationship. Send the occasional text, keep it light and then don’t overdue how many you send to her to let her know you are thinking of her.
  • When you are sincere, flirty, light and only sending texts randomly throughout the day or the week, you have a good shot at progressing in the relationship on the fun meter. And that is what will make her want to text you back.  Be fun and interesting and see where you land.


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