How to flirt with girls via Text messages?

Question by Cal: How to flirt with girls via Text messages?
I am texting this girl I really like right now and we have been texting for five hours straight now and i really want some cute flirty stuff to say to her. Any suggestions?


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Answer by confuzzled
start using a lot of faces like 😉 🙂 xD and stuff like that but mainly the 😉 and then she’ll catch on and start flirting as well

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  1. Just be teasing. It’s really hard to flirt with someone via text message when you’re not actually dating them because it can come off sounding really weird.

    Try casually telling her she’s cute. If you guys know each other well she’ll probably respond with something to the affect of “Awww, thanks :)”

  2. Don’t be a wuss. Flirt with her in person.
    If you DO flirt in texting, then be able to say the same stuff in person.

  3. Stop flirting via text right now. It is so impersonal. If you really want to impress her say it to her… preferably in person but talking on the phone is a lost art these days too.

  4. Use alot of faces on like every text and say hehe. Also call here baby. They love that. Always compliment her. Call her beautiful not hott. Girls prefer to be called beautiful not hott.

  5. compliment her. tell her she’s pretty, has beautiful eyes, looks cute when she smiles/laughs, etc. or say something intriguing like ‘your eyes shine like the stars in the sky’. but if she’s not into the whole stars in the sky thing, i’d stick with just straight up telling her how beautiful she is.

  6. well, if she likes something that you don’t like, or if you disagree on something, let her know she’s “lost a point.” Don’t actually keep track of them though.

    another way is to be slightly cocky (jokingly, of course) and to crack a couple jokes.

  7. ask what she is wearing
    tell her she’s pretty
    make her feel good but with out striaght up telling her your hot or something gay.

  8. well, yeah.. smiley faces can help.
    and i think its cute that you ant to flirt with her through texts…but its kind of wierd.
    id rather boys flirt with me in person

    but if you do, compliment her lightly.
    dont start off with “your beautiful”
    start off with something light.

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