How to find out if a girl likes me?

Question by alch334: How to find out if a girl likes me?
I’ve been texting this girl for a while and we flirted a little but it’s really hard to tell over texts with her. When I see her in public she’s a little awkward but that’s to be expected whether or not she actually likes me. Recently, our texts have sorta slowed down and she seems less enthusiastic to talk. How can I find out if she still likes me or if she’s moved on?

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Answer by ron
Difficult question, but I would say man up and talk to her. That’s how my relationship began

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  1. If she flirted with you then she must of liked you, even a little bit. The fact that she isnt as fun to text with as she used to be doesnt like you anymore, she might just be going through some stuff. You should ask her what’s wrong when you text her again if she asks why just tell her she seems less enthusiastic.

  2. Bout to blow your mind:

    Go up to her, face-to-face, and ask:
    “Hey, are you single?”

    If she smiles, flinches, stutters, or asks “why?”, you’re good.

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