How to end a text conversation with a girl?

Question by dlb14: How to end a text conversation with a girl?
I’ve had class with this girl for a few months, so I finally worked up the nerve to ask for her number. I have been texting her for about 2 days. So today we were having a pretty good conversation for about an hour. So i really enjoyed talking to her but I felt like the texting was getting old and i didnt want to over do it. Basically she texted lol to my last text and I just stopped texting is this bad should I have said I’ll ttyl or something

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You should just said you have to go because maybe she was board too

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  1. I would say something like ‘gotta go’ at least. When you’re having a face-to-face conversation, you don’t just suddenly walk away, do you?

  2. I personally hate it when my boyfriend doesnt text me bak bcuz it makes me feel like im not as important to him as other things. When your texting with a girl then yeah you should close with “ttyl” or “g2g…text ya ltr :)” or something like that. not replying is not the way to go.

  3. Something along the lines off “My dinner’s ready cya later” or “I’m running out of credit. Sorry.” would have been better than not replying back to her.

  4. yeah just a simple ttyl will suffice, as long as you actucally do it. dont leave them hanging though, cuzz its kinda rude to just stop talking

  5. If it is close to “bedtime” do not respond, and say in the morning that you fell asleep. Or you could just say I got to go because I am going to the movies, or to chiurch

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