How to deal with lying about my penis size?

Question by James Mathew: How to deal with lying about my penis size?
I’ve been texting this girl I used to go to school with and I kind of said I had a monster sized cock that was to big to send in a camera picture. And during are conversation she said she was with a guy who was 9inch and thick im about six and a half 7 if I hadn’t tugged one out in a week and Im 60 pound over weight so it looks smaller how do I tell how without the shame and embarrasement. Or pretend like I never said anything?

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Answer by Leon
chicks know that guys lie about penis size all the time, so don’t sweet it. .

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  1. aha, you have a big penis, so “monster sized dick” is quite a true statement from what i have read. if you have put on some pounds then do on a diet or/and exersize, if you are worried about it then that will definately enhance the size. she’s also lieing, if she had a boyfirend who had a 9” penis she would be in hospital ( being dramatic ). i hope this helps! P.S i know im a guy you got a message off on the Internet but don’t just miss out what i have said, exercise or diets will be good. seriously, one day you will regret JUST reading the message…

  2. LOL u guys and ur lies about size. the average penis size is 5.5 inches long and the average vagina is 5 inches deep- so really it doesnt matter if u are smaller than 9 inches(also the last guy mightve said he was 9 inches and was really only 7 inches or she could just be guessing and most likely isnt accurate) my advice would be forget about the actual size of ur penis- its all about the foreplay- if you can lick her clitoris (if u dont know where it is i suggest u look it up) slowly(like one lick every second approx) without making ur tounge pointy and dont put ur fingers in her(too many guys get this wrong) if u can keep that up for around 5 minutes straight(follow the rhythm of her body- if she writhes slower then lick slower, if she writhes or bucks faster then lick faster) u will have her moaning in pleasure, and when u do finally put ur penis into her she will already be feeling so great the size wont matter !

  3. Listen bro. First thing is your young and you see modified images of penis’ online all the time so you felt the need to make yourself seem bigger because all the fake penis’ is what you recognize as normal penis size. No problem. To be honest nearly every guy adds like an inch to their actual size just to ‘beef’ it up a bit. But seriously don’t worry about it to much, girls know that guys lie about penis size and you can just laugh it off. Your size is on the bigger size of average and you can still do alot with it if you utilize the array of sexual positions to enhance the experience.

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  4. Well you believed she was with a guy that was 9 inches– virtually nonexistent, and few girls could do much with that. most would run the other way. Nearly all guys lie about their penis size, most by an inch or more.

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