How to build confidence in talking to girls?

Question by : How to build confidence in talking to girls?
If your really shy and never have practical experience of just going up and talking to girls how can I become more confident?

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find girls to talk to that are already around you. Such as girls in your class or where you work, church etc… Do this until you feel more comfortable talking with girls. Hopefully this will also lead to some friendships with girls so you will get to feel real comfortable around them.

Just going up to girls randomly and starting a conversation can be really tough. Much better to associate with girls around you until you become more comfortable.

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  1. Hahaha, yeah, I’ve been like that too. The best cure is to just buck up and start talking. The worst that can happen is you get blown off, and you’re no worse off then when you just avoided talking to them. It’s like asking for numbers. You can ask and maybe not get it, or you can not ask and NEVER get it. You’ve got nothing to lose with just trying to chat them up.

  2. the only way to overcome it is to do it as many times as possible.

    to gain confidence about women, you need to understand them and know in advance how they would respond to you.

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