How to be more confident wen talking to girls ?

Question by John: How to be more confident wen talking to girls ?
I am super scared to talk to girls and I would like to know how to be more confident or look more confident (do some girls like shy guys)

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  1. well, start off by becoming friends with some girls that you have no interest in dating..this will help you get comfortable with a different gender. don’t be afraid to talk to us girls. we usually start many conversations so if you just say hi to her then she will hopefully say something to spark a convo, then take it from there. and yes, some girls do like shy/sensitive guys.

  2. Yeah, some do. Okay, so try talking about things you have in common. Pretend she’s a guy, and if you can’t do that, pretend she’s just another friend, not girlfriend. If you convince yourself that things are totally normal, things will be. No awkward moments, and to the girl you’ll look at ease and comfortable.

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