How to be confident and talk to girls?

Question by Rustam S.: How to be confident and talk to girls?
Hi there! Im 18 and i really young looking i look 13. And i cant talk to girls that i dont know. Even if we in diff city there are girls and my friend wants me to go talk to them and i still cant! I mean i want to do it but i cant, im afraid lmao! How can i fight over my self and do it?

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Answer by Jack All
hmmmm…….talk to female frieds

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  1. look me boy, this not works always but gives u some advanges
    look at girls as a ball
    you want to play with it but as you kick it, it goes off
    hopefully not to your annoying neighbour garden
    you see them this way later less count, by sure they look at us as such

  2. That’s kind of funny because im 13 and look like im really 17!
    but back to you now, if it is in a diff city and you know you are never going to see this person again, just think “well im not going to see her again so why not?” and just be real confident. in your mind be like “Im the hottest guy in the world, every single girl wants me right now. hahaha! sounds stupid but it will work. and just go for it too. just think in your head that you are the coolest, most awesome person in the whole world. just think that and just go and talk to her before you can think twice about it. ( i do that sometimes actually.) lol. i hope ihelpedd a bit. 🙂

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