How to act confident on texting with girls?

Question by Tyler: How to act confident on texting with girls?
I used to get girls very easily texting them but after I’ve had a gf for a long time and we broke up now.. I feel like I lost all of my confidence texting them, can anyone give me and examples on how to show ur confident?

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Answer by Julia
just be yourself..

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2 thoughts on “How to act confident on texting with girls?”

  1. Confidence comes with the more you text, always start of with the basics, hi how are you etc & to begin with let them do most of the text-ting by asking questions like saying what you up, what have you done today, what songs do you like etc etc your confidence will soon come back

  2. you don’t have to be confident be yourself. a little vulnrability is a good trait in a guy lol. my other half was never confident texting me when we were dating 2 years later we still together! Just take a deep breath and text them as you if they dont like you as you they aint worth it anyway!!!

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