How should i talk to girls and start a conversation?

Question by Reggie: How should i talk to girls and start a conversation?
i’m 15 and how should i talk to girls at the mall and other places then how should i ask for their phone number then ask for a date with them

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Answer by gridironkid30
grab their attention somehow and start a conversation (you probably have to see this person more than once to ask them out or even call them)

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  1. You can start by saying “hello” then introducing yourself. At 15 you are too young to date so you don’t need to know how to ask a girl for a date. Asking for a phone number is pretty self explanatory…

  2. The key is confidence. If you doubt yourself then the girl will doubt you too. If you see a girl you think is cute, say if she is eating at the mall food court, just walk up with your name and number written on a piece of paper and introduce yourself, and say, “I would love it if you would call me.” Keep it brief and then just keep on walking. If she is interested, she will call.

  3. start with asking them thier name if u don’t know it and ask how their day went and wat they did yesterday or today or whenever and if there was a big event or something recently ask them about it 4 example: did u watch the packer game the other day? and then say kool we should talk sometime wats your #?

  4. Well, you have to get to meet them quite a while. Just start a convo by saying hey. I rather not pick up any girls randomly though, maybe from my school or university but not randomly out of the mall. They’d just run away thinking youre a pedo

  5. Walk up and ask if they’re interested in having your children. Works every time, especially well if their mother is around and listening when you ask.

  6. The first key is to be confident. It you stroll up to them all sweaty and nervous, they’re going to be turned off. Act like you know what you’re doing and that it’s no big deal. What’s the worst than can happen, right?

    Also, it helps to find a common interest to talk about. It’s a lot easier to hit things off if you’re interested in the same thing. Then, after you’ve talked for a bit, compliment them and ask for their number. Then later you could call them and ask if they’d like to do something.

  7. well im a girl..and if i wanted a guy to come up to me and ask to tlk ..he shuld start by just some casual stuff yu tlk about with yur friends but not the dumb stuff…the boys really really tlk about with their guy friends. if all goes well tlking yu move on and sum how move in with the question with like so maybe sumtime yu wanna hang out..and !!POOF!! there it is…myabe but sumtimes just straight up walk to a girl and start blabbing yur mouth off will send us flying..especially if yu tlk about nothing interesting.

    P.S try to what she is interested in and myabe yu’ll find out yu guys have things in common with one another.

  8. contrary to popular belief – we dont bite 😉

    honestly im sure any girl would be amazed if you went up to talk to them.. not many guys have the guts or if they do they are usually just too cocky for their own good :O

    if your looking for conversation openers then causally bump into them and just make really sweet, offhand comment. complimenting is always a good option here (i)
    if you guys get on really well tell her that youd really like to see her again and maybe hang out. just incase she thinks your a psycho offer a group date (i) if she says yes give her your number. dont ask for hers.. if she was interested in you, she’ll call

    im saying this so that you dont seem like a weirdo asking for numbers.. if she gets in contact with you then its an extra point for you as you know shes interested in seeing you. if not.. hard luck :/

    hope i helped 🙂

  9. Its easy but also difficult. Because you don’t want to seem like an idiot when randomly out of nowhere start a conversation. You have to do something like for example ” do u guys know where(whatever place in mall) is?”, if you still don’t know (supposedly),say “can u show me?”.. You know.. And after just say thank you and if you want offer that girlif she wants to hang out sometime even though you don’t know her to be friends.

  10. Aww! Ok, well maybe start with something like…If there shopping in the mens department say something like
    “Hey” and when they respond say something like
    “So are you shopping for your boyfriend?” And if she’s like “Noo, my dad” then you can be like
    “Cool, cool. So no guy huh?”
    And she could say something like “No, not yet..Im just waiting for the right person” (Good sign-then you shoot for her number)
    Or she could say “No…But I have my eye on someone” (That would mean she doesn’t eally want you to have her number) then just say “Oh cool” But don’t walk away right away! Its like going up to her and saying “Do you have a boyfriend because I dont want to waste my time”

    This is good because it’s a good way to find out if she has a boyfriend right away, so you dont waste all this time on her, when she’s taken.
    And if seh seems to want to talk then its a good sign too.
    Use you Imagination!!
    Good luck!
    Dont let there be a bunch of long pauses because then she thinks “Is this what the date is going to be like?”

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