How should I start this text conversation?

Question by asianpride81: How should I start this text conversation?
It’s with this girl I like, and when we text we usually start out by like a hey or something of that nature, but how can i spice it up a little bit?

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Answer by Madison

“Good morning sunshine!”

“howdy baby!”

“what’s up sugar?”

“hey sexy, how are you?’

and so on..


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6 thoughts on “How should I start this text conversation?”

  1. when u txt u should start off with hey then ask her some questions then out of the blue ask her out

    **its happened to me**

  2. hola chica, que pasa?

    hey chica, whats going on?

    salut toi, whats up?

    bonjour meuf, qu’est ce que tu fais?

  3. If both of you have feelings towards each other, i believe sweet nicks would be nice. You can think of nicks for each other and call each other by it. Thats seriously gonna be quite sweet and cute!:)

  4. it matters if she likes sweet guys say: “hey how have u been today”
    and if she likes the bad boy “hey u awake” or something like that i got nothing for the second one

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