How often should you text girls?

Question by How often should you text girls?
I met this girl last Friday and she said that Im really cute and I said the same. Weve texted everyday since last friday. When should I text her again? We hung out yesterday too. She seems to like me cause we had a really long text convo yesterday

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Answer by David
Only after she texts you or you haven’t text for 36 hours

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  1. i would say text her back if she texts you first. otherwise, send a text every two days or something. just make it something like: “how’re you doing?” or “how’s your day going?” send texts to show you care.

  2. girl never like texting first! I would say text her once a day! Dont wait for her to text you. She will think that you dont like her. If you really do like her than make the move.

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