How often should you text a girl?

Question by XYZ: How often should you text a girl?
How often should you text a girl that you like? Also I texted this girl saying: Hey it’s Jason 🙂
Her: Hey!
Me: What’s up?
Her: I’ve got a meeting!
Me: lol, that sounds fun, enjoy
Her: Will do!
From this does it sound like she was just trying to end the conversation or was just busy?

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Answer by Joy Sail
Eh idk, her response sounded kinda fake.. She must of felt awkward. And as for how often… When your just friends, text her after school only once unless she texts you. And if you go out text her after school, and text her in the morning and say hello:3 I LOVE when my boyfriend does that:3 it makes me happy all day.

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