How often should you text a girl you like.?

Question by Country Boy: How often should you text a girl you like.?
Well to start it off I have been texting this girl I like for about a month and a half now. I called her two nights ago on the phone for the first time, and we talked for an hour. Ok well I text her everyday like all day long. Is this a bad thing, because for some reason I think thats too much. It seems like all it does is lead to a boring a conversation. Am I texting her too much if? If I am how often should I text her?

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Answer by m33chi309
It depends on how she takes it. If you ask her if u txt her 2 much, she shouldnt have a problem with anwsering a quick yes/no. Its cool to have a txtn buddie, but you can tell its gettin bad when you might fall asleep, get a txt from her while u sleep, n try 2 continue the conversation in the morning. How is she taking this? are yall talkin about ne thng important like relations wise?

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