How often should I text this girl?

Question by senor: How often should I text this girl?
i met this girl over the summer at an out of town camp and @ that camp I found out she actually didnt live that far away. We talked and flirted but fell out of touch recently i got her phone number and texted her. we had good but limited convos so far. if I am kind of interested in her how often should i text her. And how do i avoid the text conversation that dies out quick?

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Answer by papaya
more than once a week but no more than once a day. and just ask a question if the convo dies down

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  1. if u text her ever single day, ull get to know eachother and the convo will end at the end of the day {depends how well u know eachother} so keep on talking and if u really like ask her out : ]

  2. im not sure about her, but this is for me. I want a guy to text me frequently. Just the feeling that they took the time to send me a little “note”. Frequently would be at least once a day. And start a coverstaion that can lead to another,

  3. text is ok every once in awhile but nothing replaces seeing the person face to face. Call her up and tell her that you enjoyed meeting her alot and would like to hang out sometime. She’s not that far away, be friends, get to know each other more and see what happens.

  4. hey after reading your passage, i would recommend that if she doesn’t live too far away, you could maybe meet up!
    if your looking for a relationship, meeting up is the best direction to head and maybe she is waiting for you to make a move. Its almost a physiological test that girls give you in order to tell if you really care!
    talking about meeting up could also make good conversation when you text her. you shouldnt be asking how frequent you text her, but what you text her.

    at the end of the day, the more texts a girl recieves, the more she feels cared about!
    hope i helped

  5. don’t text her. call her on the phone and ask her if she wants to go bowling this saturday or go to outback steak house or chukie cheez or whatever. If she says no the forget about it and you dont have to text her anymore.

  6. Only text her to arrange the details for your dates (what, when, where and how to get there). That frequency is quite enough.

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