How often should i text this girl i like?

Question by Michael: How often should i text this girl i like?
Surprisingly she has initiated most of the texting, i say that because normally women seem to make the guy. I really like her and want to text her but dont want to seem clingy and want to keep her engaged. What should i do? The last text between us was from her to me.

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Answer by Val
just text her a simple ‘hey, wats up?’ and if she wants to talk she will

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  1. Okay, I really hate it when guys are boring texters! Don’t text her one word answers. Like, honestly, ask her questions too. Don’t say K or OK or Bye say stuff! I hate it when guys make me make conversation.

    You won’t seem clingy. Text her every other day, or everyday sometimes. Mix it up! (: Don’t text her every hour though, there’s this guy that texts me every other hour and sats Text me back and stuff its like shuuuut up. haha. Hope I helped!

  2. Well it seems like she likes you a lot too! So text her as much as you want I’m a girl and I know I LOVE when the guys text me out of the blue! Stuff Like Good Morning in the morning time and just random things it shows that you were thinking of her at random and that’ll make her feel Special !

  3. I agree with Val, just send a “Hey :)” or “Whatsup?” & if she doesn’t reply, she doesn’t want to talk or she’s busy. Don’t repeatedly send messages if she doesn’t reply.

  4. Me and the guy I liked talked for a little everynight, just sart off with, ‘hey, ‘Hey u ok’ or ‘Hi wuu2’, if she talks back then it’s ok to talk if not then it was not a good time and u should try agsin later

  5. When a girl really likes a guy, and enjoys talking to him, she will want to text him as much as possible. In my opinion you should be having text conversations with her about 4 out of every 7 days in a week if not more. Any less and she will think you dont like her. Girls especially love the morning texts as long as it is something cute and original not just plain “good morning.”

    but yeah text her whenever you’re thinking about her….but don’t tell her you were, lol, she will aready know.

  6. lol she probably likes you considering she normally initiates the conversation……….
    shes probably feeling like she was to much of a tryhard, so to make her day, go and text her something like ” hey, what u doing?”

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