How often should I text this girl I like?

Question by Highofflife: How often should I text this girl I like?
Me and this girl used to date. But we broke up cause we didnt know eachother too well. I talk to her in person. But when I text her, sometimes, she doesnt reply. Sometimes everyday I text her. We used to text a whole lot. She would even text me. So what Im asking is, how often should a guy text a girl? (w/o annoying her)

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Answer by Al
don’t come off desperate nor uninterested, text her maybe every 2/3 days? but make sure conversation isnt dead and you actually have something to say x

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  1. text her at night like just when you’re lying in bed, usually not during the day because she probably has plans and don’t do it in the morning either cause it’ll probably annoy her, night is the best time 🙂

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