How often should i text the girl i like?

Question by l.a lakers: How often should i text the girl i like?
i started texting the girl i like 4 days ago because she jst got her new phone. so i texted her every day she responded back but sometimes i have to send her a message a lot of times for her to respond back to me. so today i texted her 3 times but 2 times in the afternoon and 1 time in night and she didnt respond back to me. so should i text her again 2mm or wait until monday and talk 2 her in school.

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Answer by Sean Walsh
just send her a pic of your D

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  1. wait till monday. I know this sounds weird but most girls will want to talk to a guy if they aren’t clingy and start talking less.

  2. Ok here’s a rule to follow when texting. If you send a text to her and she doesn’t respond right away don’t respond back until she responds back. If you text her and she texts you an hour later I want you to make her wait. She didn’t text you back right away so why should you? When you don’t text her back right away it makes her wonder what your doing, and in addition it makes her thing that your doing stuff with your life. Never respond a whole bunch of times without her replying at all.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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