How often should I text the girl I like?

Question by Scotland .n. Rangers: How often should I text the girl I like?
I like this girl right now. I’m 65% she likes me too. I’m going to ask her out at the xmas dance which is in 12 days. Should I text her everyday, or is everyday a bit much and needy? Please give me some advice guys and GIRLS especially. Cheers in advance.

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Answer by sam
text her everyday. just about little things that will make her feel special

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  1. Not in class. Not while driving. Not on a date with another girl. Don’t lose sleep texting. Other than those, it depends on the relationship as to how much “too much” is. Communication is good. Obsessive texting could be a problem.

  2. i love attention, so if i were her, i would want you to text me everyday, i feel that every girl is different though.. but if your going to ask her to the dance, then text her often 🙂

  3. Ok start texting her day 1. & see if her texts or by the way she texts if she even seems like she’s interested… If she’s super hyper on her texts she isn’t into u, if she is serious she is… If she barely texts than that means she can’t believe you texted her & wants you to forget her number

  4. yes but somedays when u say goodnight be like “goodnight 🙂 you text me tomorrow?” that way if she texts u, u know she want to talk

  5. as much as you want. do not drown her but every hour or 2 a quick text saying ‘ hey baby just wanted to let you know i was thinking of you, hope your smiling” and that’s it. dont send THAT every hour or 2 lol change it up

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