How often should I text my boyfriend?

Question by HekkoRules: How often should I text my boyfriend?
In our relationship, I’m normaly the person who begins the conversation and texts first. My friends keep telling me that the guy should always text the girl first, and that I should wait for him to text me. I just always feel like I annoy him by texting him first…. I just don’t know what to do :/

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Answer by Sophie Winter
do what you want, dont be too clingy, because guys hate that

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  1. Just text him whenever you need or want to. As long as you don’t text him TOO often, nobody is gonna judge

  2. I don’t believe that either partner – male or female – should “always” be texting first; as a matter of fact, in an equal relationship, the initiation of contact should be fairly equal as well.

    However, if you find that you are ALWAYS the one who is initiating contact, then chances are good that you may be contacting your bf a little too often. After all, if he knows that you’ll send him a message like clockwork, why would he put in any effort to get a hold of you?

    My recommendation is to lay off of contacting him for a while and see how he responds; my bet is that it will take him a couple of days to notice that you haven’t tried getting a hold of him, but then he will contact you to find out what the heck is going on (i.e., why you haven’t been trying to reach him). When he does ask you that (and he will ask you that), just tell him that you were busy doing other things and lost track of time. Chances are good that this will drive him a little nuts, as it shows him that you are capable of having a life outside of him (which is a good thing, as a guy doesn’t want to feel like you are dependent on him for ALL of your happiness).

    The only way the guy is going to miss you is if you give him a chance to; if you’re always there when he wants you to be (and more), then he will start taking you for granted.

    Play a little hard to get; he’ll notice the change and start pursuing you.

    Good luck 🙂

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