How often should I text a girl?

Question by holy_warrior: How often should I text a girl?
I just went out on a first date with her last Wednesday. Text and having a conversation her on Thursday night and haven’t talk to her since Friday night. Should I make the first move to text her? How much should I text her without looking like I desperate need her?

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Answer by ashleyyyy
girls like it when u text them first so do it as often as you like 🙂

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  1. Text right now!
    You can just say “hi” or something. You don’t have to start a conversation. That gives you casual contact letting her know that you’re thinking of her, but doesn’t make you sound needy.

  2. you should always text the girl fist and the minimum you can text her is twice a day and make sure the timing is really far apart

  3. basically, a text midday. if she answers, respond. if she doesn’t, text her the next day or later that night (when she’s probably bored). try not to have more than 2 outgoing texts at once, unless it’s like a long one

  4. As a girl myself I can honestly answer saying girls love it soo much when guys text them, especially after you guys have your first date, you say something like this “hey, been thinkin bout you” girls LOVE that

  5. If you’re talking about this passed week as in 9/22/2010 don’t worry about it so much just give her a call later on and try to set up another date for this upcoming week or shoot her a text sayin that.

    And if you are talking about last week as in 9/15/2010….. You should definitely make the next move and do it asap. Hopefully she doesn’t think you aren’t that into her because you’ve waited this long.
    Girls like to feel wanted and if you don’t call or text her asking about seeing her again she’s gonna think you’re not that interested.
    And as far as your worries about looking desperate…. it’s all in the way you talk to her and the way you present yourself/ carry yourself. Just be relaxed when you’re talking to her… don’t over think what you wanna say too much cus that’ll just make you nervous. Obviously don’t call her 3 times a day everyday lol but shoot a text at different times just to let her know you’re thinking about her or to say hi. Besides if you two start really going out then all these awkward worries about impressing her so much is gonna disappear anyway lol

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