How often should I text a girl?

Question by Joseph P: How often should I text a girl?
I always feel weird when i’m texting this girl i like, because i don’t wanna text her too much and annoy her. How do i know when to stop or when to start texting? How much is too much? what are signs that she doesn’t want to text any more?
also what does it mean when whenever we talk she kinda looks at my eyes for a couple seconds then looks up to the ceiling as if to avoid my eyes?

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Answer by Mr.Quix
Text her once and wait

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  1. stop texting her all together. I think a phone call is more personal
    if she has problems looking you in the eye maybe she’s not into you that much
    Ask her.

  2. i Personaly Love To Be Text’d Good Morning &+ Then Later i Like A Goodnight Text i Think Theyre Well Cute try That &+ if Shes intrested She Will Start Doing it To You Aswel, She Likes You if Shes Looking Into Your Eyes, Avioding Them Means Shes shy =) Ask Her Out =)

  3. dont text her every few minutes. if she dosnt textback then you shouldnt keep texting her.
    maybe your eyes are powerful, she dosnt want to fall deep in love with you.
    maybe you should call instead of text

  4. Easy if your texting her and she doesnt text you back then shes probably had enough and dont always text her first somedays let her text you first and eye contact is always a good thing but after a long stare were else are you gonna look?

  5. Well.. If you starting texting her first.. let her start texting you next time.. that will give you a good sign that she wanna talk with you..

    Hms.. that might happend becasue of she’s shy or nervous while shes talking to you..

  6. Why not PHONE her and ask her OUT ON A DATE try it something old fashioned like that sometimes workes VERY WELL

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