How often should I text a girl?

Question by holy_warrior: How often should I text a girl?
I just went out on a date with her last wednesday. Text her on Thursday night and haven’t talk to her since Friday night. Should I make the first move to text her? How much should I text her without looking like I desperate need her?

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Answer by Dyan
Just say hello and be nice. Dont text her often, that’ll be annoying. Men should do the first move

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  1. if she likes you she will love anytime you text her. maybe 5 times a day? she could text you the other 5 times and that would be 10 text conversations! 🙂

    but if she doesnt like you, even 1 text a day will bother her ALOT

    so thats a hard one because it depends on what i said before and also how much she usually texts…

    for now id say text her once today if she doesnt answer dont text her again till tomorrow. if she doesnt answer that day dont text her till like 1 week later.
    if she does answer though let her text you again that day. if she does then text her again

    …if that makes any sense??
    hahaha sorry im trying..

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