How often is too often to text a girl?

Question by Dorian: How often is too often to text a girl?
I am in college, and I’ve known this girl for like three weeks. We hangout pretty regularly, and sometimes we cuddle and even once we slept together (literally, not sexual). We text pretty frequently, sometimes I text her, sometimes she texts me. I really like her, but I get the vibe that she doesn’t like me. I am afraid that I’m bothering her every time I text her. How often is too often to text her?

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Answer by Halle
More than once a day is even too much-you will make yourself look desperate, and that is NOT attractive. Let her come to you once in a while!

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  1. Let’s see. it all depends. you have to see the rate in which she replies. If you have to wait more than two minutes, it shows that she’s busy (usually the case). Then I suggest you to end the conversation. OR you can be straight forward and ask her “oh hey, am i bothering you at this hour for txting?”

    Then you’ll learn if you’re texting her too often. Usually texting her once a day for a conversation is already enough.


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