How often is it okay to text a girl?

Question by All-American: How often is it okay to text a girl?
sometimes I’ll text a girl basically every day, she replies back.. so is that alright or is it too much?


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Answer by in10se
yeah thats fine i mean sometimes you might want to wait till she texts you

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  1. Everyday is fine. Don’t do it twice a day unless she texts you. I suggest not texting her until she texts you some time. She probably will if you txt often. If anything she’ll txt you to see if there’s something wrong. She wont say it straight up, but that’s what she’ll be thinking. Lol What I do with guys is txt them every other day. If they want to txt me, than they will. The same is for girls. Trust me 🙂

  2. If I were you I would text her like maybe 3 times a day but try to make sure they aren’t too early at night or in the morning <3

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