How often do you call a girl you like?

Question by : How often do you call a girl you like?
(for ppl in early 20s)
Guys- how often do you call/contact/text a girl you like?
Girls-how often do ppl you’ve just started tdating usually call you?
Is it bad that I’ve been dating him for a month in a half (just recently reached bf/gf status ) and I don’t hear from him everyday?

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Answer by seven 2 seven
We don’t call very often… We live together.

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3 thoughts on “How often do you call a girl you like?”

  1. well it all depends on the partner …. some girls are more clingy some are more independent so it all comes down to your partners.

    Best answer me thank you =)
    i like clingy girls more … i dunno why but i just do

  2. People are different. May be he is a serious student or worker and doesn’t want to be distracted in his work. You will have to understand him before jumping to conclusions.

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