How often are you suppose to text a girl?

Question by Jeffrey: How often are you suppose to text a girl?
I text her like every 5 days and she’s too shy to talk on phone. Actually, she gets shy and nervous around me in general even though we known each other for 3 years and we’re friends. Anyway is it bad to text her that much? How much am I supposed to text her?

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Answer by A 🙂
thats not often esp if shes shy.

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  1. Normally you let the girl text first but if she’s really as shy as you say then you will probably always have to initiate conversation if you want to make sure she knows you’re interested just don’t overdo it. She’s an introvert (probably) and they tend to not like clingy people who are always in touch.

  2. The timing of your text doesn’t matter. As long as you have something interesting to say, text away.

    Don’t just text her, hi or hey. Girls are easily annoyed by texts with no thought process. It’s like getting
    an ugly sweater for Christmas.

    Send her a “radar” text that lets her know you’re alive and thinking about her. Make it funny or interesting.

    Most importantly, try to get her out in the next text conversation you have with her. You do wanna see her, right?

    No need to play games when texting. Be interesting, ask her out and build your relationship.

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