How much texting to do with a girl?

Question by Globe: How much texting to do with a girl?
My 3-year relationship ended and, while maybe I was in the stone ages back then, I don’t recall much texting prior to my last relationship. Now, I meet girls and they want to text all the time. I’ll try to call them, I’ll leave a voicemail, and they’ll text me later saying something like “sorry I missed your call” and go right back to texting. I’ve met up with a good majority of the girls I text with like this, but it feels like I’m just stroking her ego and not getting any closer to an actual date.

Am I reading too much into it? How long and how often should I text before I should take a hint? I don’t want to call repeatedly, leave messages, and only get texts back. When it the line drawn, or am I too sensitive?
This is in regards to girls I meet. I am texting a number of them but am not in a relationship. I’m not even dating them yet. I meet them, get their number, and start a conversation. (Sometimes we email first) I am trying to get to going out with them, so I’m a bit shy to say things about their sexy voice or some such.

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Answer by *Clare
I’m not sure why but girls LOVE texting!!!! But I think it can lead to a false relationship. Talking and calling is much better. I think if you’re close to the girl you should just tell her that you like talking, maybe say it like “I like to hear your sweet voice” or something and they’ll get more interested in calls 🙂

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