How much do you and your bf/gf talk/text?

Question by Tiffany: How much do you and your bf/gf talk/text?
How much time do you spend talking to your boyfriend/gf on the phone? What about the time you spend texting him? Are you guys constantly having a text conversation? Are you comfortable with how much you talk to him (or her) or do you want more? Also, include how long you have been in the relation for. Answers from guys AND girls are welcome!!!!

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Answer by Vivienne
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 7 months now.

We text all day, everday. then at night we talk on the phone for few hours and fall asleep on the phone.

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  1. me and my boyfriend have been going out for like 2 months and i am with him every second of my free time. i sneak him in at night because i cant sleep when hes not there and when we arent together like when im in school we are constantly texting like all day. i feel sad and empty when we arent together or on the phone or texting. i loooove heeeeem <3

  2. Ehhh. Just thinking about talking all the time and how that would bore us ! 😛

    We talk a couple times a day and spend about 1 or 2 hours together, alone. Whether it’s on the phone or texting or BBMing of watever. And I’m perfectly fine with that. 🙂


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