How many times to text a girl?

Question by Tristen: How many times to text a girl?
How many times should you text a girl and not seem desperate? And what are someways that you can flirt while texting? Also what to do if she doesn’t text back?

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Answer by Phoenix
once every 75 minutes
have smiley faces
call and leave a message, once per 36 hours at most

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  1. Dont seem too desperate. Test her once and if she doesnt text back right away just wait awhile. Cu think about if she couldnt answer her phone or was doing something else, then she comes back to her phone like a couple hours later and there is like 8 texts from you, you knoe? i would kind of get annoyed ha. As for flirting, just be confident, but not too cocky. But the reactin for girls is always different so sorry if that doesnt work. hope this helps 🙂

  2. if you don’t get a reply then only two and no more for at least three days. if you get a reply wait a while make it seem like your busy and not only texting her.. then reply.. I wait about 10-20 minutes before I reply

  3. If you’re not really having a conversation through texting, keep it under 5 a day. You also don’t want to seem desperate by flirting either, so maybe just say nice things and compliment her. If she doesn’t text you back, just wait about 2 days after you sent your last text and say something like: hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while, so I hope everything’s ok!

    Just be friendly!

  4. Well there really is no number but if I was you I would just take it one at a time txt her once and wait and see if she replies if she does then you can tell her things like I think you looked very nice today or tell her she is a very attractive girl if she dosent reply then give it a copuple of days and try again and do that three or four times if still no reply she might now be interested

  5. you should text her once if she doesnt text back dont insist! also you could flirt by joking around with her for expamle my boyfriend call me a fatty even though im not but he just does that to joke around lol also put smiley fces try to make her life and if she doesnt flirt back then sorry man she is not interested good luck 🙂

  6. don’t text her too much you don’t want to seem obsessive…take it slowly lol just text her maybe once every other day…you should wait for her to text you too first sometimes. and the more you guys text and stuff like the more often you should text her..i mean text her goodnight sometimes or goodmorning it’s cute ha (: flirt while texting…idk tell her she looked nice today, umm idk use winky faces ha. or play the Q game idk lol. if she doesn’t text back it probably means she doesn’t want to talk to you…so dnt keep texting her or you will be annoying. if she wants to talk to you she’ll text you back…

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