How long should you text a girl you like?

Question by Anthony K: How long should you text a girl you like?
ive been texting this girl for awhile now and when we text for like 1, 2 or sometimes 3 hrs long. Is this normal for a friendship or is like a boyfriend/girlfiend thing?

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Answer by John Reed
Its normal. Bf and gf thing is all day txtn.

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  1. well me and my current boyfriend were like that we used to stay up until like 3 in the morning texting each other when we were just friends after like 4 weeks of texting each other we would go to the movies, mall hang out and eventually we developed a relationship no its totally normal if she likes you to but didn’t waste your time if you mean nothing to her

  2. Okay, well if you like her, I’d say 3-4 hours a day would be fine, otherwise you’d seem clingy. Also, if the conversation looks like its ending, continue it anyway; that’ll be a pretty obvious hint that you’re interested. 🙂

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