How long should I wait to ask this girl to be my girlfriend?

Question by d: How long should I wait to ask this girl to be my girlfriend?
I have been texting this girl for bout a week now we are pretty good friends, and I decied last night I love her and I want her. She is kinda a tomboy and loves sports and music. How can I find out If she likes me and how long I should wait to ask her to be my girlfriend. For instance should I text her for 4 more weeks and ask her to a movie? Any and all help is needed

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Answer by ME jade
First of you don’t love her you’ve known her a week and ya ask her to a movie first,if she send you smiley faces that a good idea she likes u

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  1. Well, from a girls point of view idk how old you are but i am 16 and i know that if a guy and i were talking for a week then it’d def be time to start hanging out if we did like eachother, hangout with her once or twice if it goes good tell her how you feel, girls love it when the guy says how they feel first. After about a month if things are still going good and she does like you then definately ask her out 🙂 hope this helps!

  2. You should be honest with her, and just come straight out, ASAP and tell her what you feel. Girls like that. If she really likes you and you to her, then it will be great!! You just have to give it time for her to answer!!

  3. it would help if you said how old you was
    im sure that after just 1 week of texting your not really in love and its best to not come on to strong
    ask her out first get to know her then take it from there

  4. Ask her out on a informal date, to the cinema, out for coffee or whatever people of your age group do. As for your feelings for her you don’t love her, you couldn’t after only a week love takes months of not years to develop properly.

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