How long do you wait to text a girl?

Question by wiseone: How long do you wait to text a girl?
I gave a guy my number on Friday. It is now Sunday and he hasnt texted me yet. How long would you usually wait to text a girl? I know they don’t want to seem desperate.
I’m pretty sure he knows i’m into him. We talked. And I told all his friends that I think he’s goodlooking. And I’m the one who asked him for his number. So what’s he waiting for!

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Answer by yickenpots man
He may be playing hard to get, could be interested in someone else, or he is not interested

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2 thoughts on “How long do you wait to text a girl?”

  1. He’s probably not interested hun :/
    guys usually text right away lol
    but give it time. If its been a week and he still hasn’t texted you then forget him and move on lol

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