How long do guys wait to text a girl?

Question by Ginda: How long do guys wait to text a girl?
I like this guy we’ve been flirting. Yesterday I texted him for the first time. We had a pretty good convo. It wasn’t bad. And today he flirted and talked a tiny bit with me. I’m gonna wait for him to text me hey sometime but, I’m kind of impatient and I want to know when guys would normally text the girl, like 2 days after a convo, the day after or what? How long should I wait before I know he’s just not interested or doesn’t want to text me?

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Answer by The Gamebuster
I usually wait a day. That’s if I dated he girl a day before. If I really like her, I’d text her ASAP

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  1. If you texted him first last time, then you have to wait for him to text you back this time. If he doesn’t text you back in a week, text him AFTER 7 days and say hey I haven’t heard from you in a while just making sure you’re okay. If he doesn’t text back or he’s short with you, move on. Normally it’s at least 2-5 days after.

  2. Guys are stupid I can bet you my left arm he won’t be evaluating your flirting talk as much as you would or any girl, he probably is waiting like you are, for a text to start up the converstation maybe you should just text him a quick and simple text, worst case scenario, he doesn’t like you? But if he does then a text off you would be good wouldn’t it, don’t ever wait for a guy otherwise, your Gunna end up waiting around for a long time x

  3. I have no idea how long they’ll wait to text. Helpful, right? I know. Everyone is different, is the best I can say.

    There was no texting when I was dating. But I had friends who’d wait a week before hearing from a guy who was still interested in one way or another, to one level or another.

    On the other hand, one time this guy waited about… oh, only 20 minutes to ask me out on a date from the time we first said, “Hello.” That guy and I have been married 18 years now. 😉

    My point is, you just never know. The technology may have changed, but human interaction hasn’t.

  4. yeah seriously I wouldn’t wait around, just go about your business like you did before you started texting him and don’t rush to text him back everytime he texts you, you could come off as clingy and that’s a turn off. Just don’t wait, or seem to eager to text him.

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