How long am I supposed to text girl for?

Question by Semper Fidelis!: How long am I supposed to text girl for?
Im new to this texting to girls thing.. how long is it usually supposed to go through? Like an all day thing or in little pieces throughout the day? Help? Tips? Comments?

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Answer by Corvinus
Once you start, you can’t stop!

(It’s a bit like that film, Speed.)

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7 thoughts on “How long am I supposed to text girl for?”

  1. talk to her till u run out of thing so say and if that lasts all day then it lasts all day. if the convo stops and u like the girl then keep texting her throughout the day

  2. Yeah don’t look like a freak texting her 24/7 or when you send her a msg and she replies back don’t right away reply just wait couple of minutes and when she doesn’t reply you back don’t ever make the attemp to reply her one more time she’ll feel like she’s being stalk or something BE yourself

  3. Text her as long or short as you would like. If you like her text her all day or in little pieces throughout the day.

  4. The best thing to do is to avoid texting her at all during the day and then text her for as long as you can during the night. A girls feelings come out much easier when they can have some privacy and some quiet. Text her every night but ask her to tell you if you start texting her too much.

  5. you can text a girl as long as you want but if she doesn’t reply for like 2 hours that pretty much means she doesn’t want to text anymore or is really busy

  6. Either or. Texting is like having a conversation, just through texts. Lol.
    When the conversation ends then you can stop texting.

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