How in the world do I talk to girls?

Question by DooBoo: How in the world do I talk to girls?
I have absoluetly no idea how to talk to girls. I have no problem walking up to a girl and saying things that might make other people scared (like telling a girl she’s pretty) but i don’t even know what to say other than that I don’t know how to put words together to make her know that I like her. I try to be funny because that’s the only thing I know how to do and girls just see me as that weird funny guy not that guy they wanna date. Yeah like they say I can walk the walk but I can’t talk the talk. Also when I text I don’t know what to talk about just make up random stuff and then that just adds on to the weird thing. I just need help how to talk in general. And PLEASE no artificial answers put some thought into it.

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Answer by Nominated Y!A Fattys UNCLE
just walk up to her and say, hey remember me, i was outside your room last night watching you sleep while i was eating donuts… and thats why theres a white stain on the glass window… she will be delighted

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  1. First you should talk to her in a normal conversation, show no emotion as in dont let her know ur into her… let her chase U… just talk to her as a friend and eventually she will like you, but you should leave in a few compliments. just make sure they aren’t perverted or disrespectful.. most girls hate guys like that .. good luck, all i can say dude

  2. Yeah, don’t say that awkward stuff like, ‘you’re pretty.’ I’m not saying you can’t compliment, but that’s a bit overwhelming. Idk, you just have to be quick on your feet. It’s good that you’re funny, it’ll help. Your surroundings are a great place to start. Say if you’re in a hallway and there’s a weird poster on a locker, make a comment on it or something. Your surroundings help a lot. Once you get something going, make sure you listen to the girl. Her words will usually give you an idea of what to say next. If you ask her how her weekend was and she says good, ask her what was good about it. Then she’ll talk, and it just goes from there. Just be confident and comfortable even if you don’t feel that way. If you get nervous, you’ll just make her nervous. If you feel relaxed, she will too.

  3. I think you should just be yourself. I personally love the weird, funny guys, lol. But as far as the texting or talking in person goes, just asked questions about her. Her interest, hobbies, work, school, fav foods (which can lead to you saying something like “well i know this great place to get some of that, hinting towards a date). Basically, just talk about her at first, girls love it. And we appreciate when a guy seems interested in what we think and if we think you are actually listening. Good luck!

  4. First off, girls dig the funny guy. I’m dating this one guy because he is hysterical, but he also knows when to turn off the jokes and be serious for a while. By guess is that you are maybe joking around with people too much. They may feel that they cannot have a serious conversation with you.

    Also, girls want a guy to be friendly towards her first. We normally don’t want a guy that is too forward because we think they want something from us. You should just talk to the girl you like normally. Talk about schoolwork or a teacher you hate or how bad the food is. Just something normal. If you get the chance, then throw in a few jokes.

    Texting is harder though. People cannot tell the tone in which you text things so you have to be really careful. Try general things. Talk about what they want do when they get older, what colleges, where they want to live. Talk about television shows or movies that just came out. You just have to find a topic the girl is interested in and try to stick with it. We feel more comfortable with someone when we are talking about a comfortable subject.

    Hope this helps you a bit. Hang in there, I bet you’re amazing and that any girl would be lucky to have you. 🙂

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