How I should I start talking to this girl I see in the hallways?

Question by David G: How I should I start talking to this girl I see in the hallways?
This girl is always looking at me in the hallways so I think I’m going to try to talk to her. But I’m a complete loser when it comes to talking to girls. Any advice?

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Answer by musicgrl16!
just be yourself! honestly, i am in the same situation, only on the girl’s side, and i know what i would want the guy to do. i would want him to talk to me. soon.

you see. i have fallen completely head over heels for this guy without even speaking to him. i feel stupid for feeling so. but i cant help it. i pass him in the halls every day, and EVERY SINGLE DAY i wish and wish he would just come up and say “hi”. but any way, this isnt about me. its about you.

really, with me, i look at him because i am interested in him. its probably the same with your girl. just go up and talk to her! its not difficult at all really. it may seem so, but really it isnt.

just walk up and say, “hi, my name is . i see you around here a lot. what is your name?”

once you start having actual conversations with this girl, do things such as complimenting her. (her pretty eyes, her hair looks cute when its straight, tell her she’s funny, cute, pretty. and such).

and seriously… BE YOURSELF. if she doesnt like YOU for YOU… she isnt worth your time.

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  1. Well, it might be really hard at first (No pun intended) But you have to think about what you have to loose against what you have to gain. If you talk to her whats the worst that could happen? I think she would be inpressed if you just went up and said, hey My name is….. nice to meet you 🙂
    Bam! the worst that could happen is she says…o hi, and turns away, thats embarassing for like 10 secs, but never doing it is embarassing for life bro, so just try to go for it, k?

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