How does it feel like to talk to girls?

Question by Salty: How does it feel like to talk to girls?
I am 19 and i’ve never talked to a girl except my mom & sister.

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Answer by Rick B
It feels the same as talking to anyone.

How on earth have you made it to 19 years of age and never talked to a girl???!?!?

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4 thoughts on “How does it feel like to talk to girls?”

  1. I never talked to a girl until I was around 19 either. Its like riding a bike…you’re not going to run the ‘Tour de France’ on your first attempt. Just have to start slow, and you’ll feel more and more comfortable with each interaction.

  2. It’s like talking to your sister. But if have really hard time talking to girls. Your 19, it’s time to start thinking and acting like man. Your no longer a little boy. Get a job, save your money and then use one week pay to go to strip club. All you have to do, walk in, find table to sit at and enjoy watching the woman dance. They will walk up and talk to you. They going ask for dance, tell them no thanks just want to talk. They will teach you a lot things.

  3. it’s surprising to see that u are 19 and haven’t spoken to girl ever..anyways it feels the same way you talk to your friends(guys).

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