How do you text the girl you like?

Question by How do you text the girl you like?
I’m 18 and she’s 16 and it always seems like I say hey and she says hey then I say what’s up

Its just a boring texting cycle.

So GUYS: how do you text the girl you like? What’s your first text like? Hey or something more interesting?

GIRLS: what do you like a guy to text to you? Hey or something more interesting?

Also, how often should I text her? Everyday? Everyother day? Once a week?

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Answer by James W
Text her… “you want to hang out?” and when she says “sure” stop texting and start talking to her, hero!

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  1. i like when i guy texts me first and compliments me and asks how i’m doing and how my day was. show her that you care. ask her what is she doing. and comment off of that to keep the convo going

  2. i like smileys haha it also makes me laugh when guys do cheesy pick up lines, but, its not for every girl. text her when something reminds you of her. “hey i just saw this commercial and it reminded me of that time…” idk. i don’t know what your relationship is or what kind of girl she is.

  3. The chances are, she probably is dying to text you. Right now iv been dying to wait for the guy i like who is two years older then me to text me. Its driving me crazy

  4. Well, don’t text her ALL the time. That might get to be too much and you’ll push her away. I would say text her every couple days or so. Just slowly try to gain her interest and she will text you on her own eventually. As for what to say… well that’s a toughie. To start a convo I usually say “Hey” or “Whats up”. I guess to break the cycle just ask her how her day was and things like that. Things should pick up from there.

    Also, ask her what her likes and dislikes are. That’s usually good convo starters too

  5. Saying hey once in a while is okay, but to really grab a girls attention and make her smile it’s nice to start the conversation off with either an inside joke you guys have or a funny picture. Along those lines. Hey can sometimes lead into a boring structured conversation. At the same time, don’t text her all the time. Every other day seems okay, but don’t text for the whole day. Girls like when guys keep them on their toes. By texting them too much they may see you as annoying or desperate… it’s good to leave a little mystery. Just like guys we like our men hard to get hehe

  6. Ok, this is totally chiche, but just be yourself. Think outside the box a bit and say something totally random 😉 (trust me, random conversations are never boring) and it will probably make her laugh. :))

  7. tell her you thought she looked sexy last time you saw her. Or beautiful or gorgeous. 16 year old girls are insecure about EVERYTHING. So any compliment you can come up with is a great start to any conversation from now till you are 50 years old.
    She will likely respond with a thanks, or say something like no i didnt, or that dress was old or what was i wearing ? (so you shoudl remember) so you say,….”you would look sexy/goreous/beautiful or whatever in anything.”
    Now she is in a very happy place and wants more – so now you ask – what are you up to. if she says nothing, that’s the cue to ask her to get together. if she goes on about whatever, then at least its’not a boring cycle. right?

  8. I would like a guy to text me ” hey :)” or “hello beautiful/ gorgeous” maybe occasionally a winky face or something cute/ silly like ” c: , ^_^ or ;P ” if you are going to text her every day, do so but don’t just leave her hangin if you cant text back . Just say hold on, be right back, I have to go do something , or talk to you soon/ later. So she knows what’s going on and she doesn’t freak out and asks a million people why you’re not texting back or have her blow up your phone every 10 minutes. Same thing if you can’t text her the next day. Just say goodnight hun sweet dreams, oh by the way I won’t be able to text or talk to you tomorrow. She will understand and won’t freak out once again. Or constantly check her phone to see if you texted. Keep the conversation going. Don’t send text messages that is a dead message. Like the whole boring text cycle . That ends in “nm bye” or of that sort. Be chill and just come up with something funny or talk about how her say was and go from there. Goodluck ^_^

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