How do you text a girl?

Question by Nick: How do you text a girl?
Ok, I’ve texted girls before and I know how to text girls, but uhhh… I’m a bit rusty right now. What should the first text be? Probably not “Heyy” or something, I hate it when I get texted that.

Also how do you start a conversation? Do you just bring up a random topic? Should it be something that you like or something you think they would like to talk about?

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Answer by jesteele1948
Try talking instead. You get instant feedback from her face, her body, and her answer.


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  1. You should send a text like hey hows your day going, girls like when a guy ask that question most times and that gets the conversation going.

  2. girls like nice funny guys and personally i like when a guy is random and spontaneous out of the blue… find some stuff out about her and then talk about that.. if shes interested she will reciprocate the convo and keep it going… share some ideas, talk about events or just send her a link to a random video, start with hey whats upp? and go from there and dont be afraid to be random…just DONT BE BLAND.. please dont only talk about schoool because school is okk to talk about but all the time that will get u nowhere

  3. You can always text someone first with a “Hey, what are you up to? ” Music tends to be a good conversation starter because it interests almost everyone. Ask her if she’s heard some song you currently like. Usually will lead into some kind of conversation. 🙂 Works for me.

  4. Don’t worry about how to start the convo, girl’s usually always have some annoying story to tell, just send “Sup”

  5. Text her when you wake up and say “Goodmorning (:”.. i know lots of girls who love getting a goodmorning text.
    or text her later in the day, & ask her how her day has been.
    Girls love it when boys seem interested about her day/how she is doing.

  6. 1. Obtain a cellular telephone with texting capabilities (talk to your cellular service provider if you have questions about what model to buy).

    2. Ask said female for her cellular telephone number and if she has texting capabilities.

    3. Enter her phone number into the “contacts” catagory.

    4. Open or unlock the phone (different models come with different options).

    5. Click “message”

    6. Choose said female from “contacts” list.

    7. Begin to type (many different options, some models have number pads, where you must push the same buttons many times to get the letter of choice [for serious texting I do not recommend this option], some have keyboards, and some have touch screens [if you have fat fingers I do not recommend this option, or attempting to text]).

    8. When finished with your message, proof read it to check for embarrassing mistakes.

    9. Click or press “send” or “enter”

    10. Await response or lonely silence and the pain of ignorance.

    11. Repeat steps 1-11 (you should only follow this step if said female replies or you are desperate and lonesome).

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