How do you talk to other girls without being too annoying?

Question by Kaitlin: How do you talk to other girls without being too annoying?
So i like to text alot and sometimes it gets out of hand and i end up texting someone from 8 in the morning to 10 o clock at night. All i do is say random stuff when there is nothing to talk about. I text this girl that i like, i think she likes me too. Anyways i think i annoy her at times with my texting because she stops answering me after awhile. I don’t really know how to stop and i want her to like me. Help please?

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girls are allways annoying

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  1. try talking to her in person more often.
    you never really know the person if you havent actually talked to them in real life! see how she reacts when you talk to her in school, its gonna be hard to tell if she likes you or not if don’t watch out for stuff like this.
    also, she might be bored of you not making a move already (thats if she really does like you)
    try not to be too parinoid about it….
    oh, you could stop texting her for a few days and see how she reacts. if she doesnt take any notice about it then shes obviously not that interested?!
    you cant do all the work:/ if she really likes you she would feel guilty that she didnt reply you all those times;) lol

    good luck. life is complicated!

  2. Don’t text her too much. Mabey 3 times a week? That’ll get her wondering.. make her want you more. Plus it’ll make you seem not too clingy.
    Clingy isn’t good… D;
    Seriously, if you like her.. go for it. (:
    Good luck. <3

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